Yamaha P225 B

Yamaha P225 B

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Compared to its predecessor, the P225 features a much shorter and thinner body design with a compact style.

P225 features the sounds of Yamaha's premier concert grand piano, the CFX, and this model uses Yamaha technology to replicate the expressive tonal changes that occur in a real grand piano.

Newly developed Graded Hammer Compact keyboard offers a realistic playing feel

One of the main concerns of piano players when purchasing a digital piano is related to the feel of the keyboard when they plan.

Some of the things that players are specifically concerned with included whether they can feel the weight of the keys in their fingers as with a weighted acoustic piano keyboard; whether the keyboard will respond accurately when they play quicker passages; whether there are any inconsistencies between how hard they play the keys and the sound that results; and whether the keyboard offers a sufficient soft-to-loud dynamic range.

The GHS keyboards used in the P Series thus far have received high praise from customers for the excellent balance of ease of playing that was mentioned above.

The newly developed and more compact GHC keyboard on the new P Series reproduces the playing comfort of its predecessors in every way.

Further, the keyboard unit is more compact than in previous models, while still offering an outstanding playing feel.


About this item

  • Graded Hammer Compact (GHC) keyboard action uses weighted keys to replicate the acoustic piano experience, with a compact design that saves space without sacrificing authenticity.
  • The CFX Premium Grand Piano Voice delivers the commanding power and rich tonality of the flagship CFX concert grand piano.
  • Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) recreates the resonance of the piano strings and body in real time as they would respond to the limitless factors present when playing an acoustic piano.
  • The Half-Damper Pedal gives you more control over piano sustain, allowing for nuanced changes and expressive performances.
  • With the Smart Pianist app, you can take your piano playing to the next level. This app allows you to control all functions and access additional features that go beyond what the instrument can do alone.

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