Remo Silentstroke Mesh

Remo Silentstroke Mesh

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Practice Full Tilt with Silentstroke

Remo's Silentstroke mesh drumhead solves one of the most common issues for drummers - practice volume. Now you don't have to compromise playing-feel with thick rubber pads that don't give you a natural response, or ruin your gigging heads with ineffective dampers. Silentstroke drumheadsdrop your playing volume exponentially while still giving you the acoustic tone of your kit. End your practicing frustrations with Remo's Silentstroke mesh drumhead.

Remo Silentstroke Mesh Drumhead Features:
  • Special playing surface responds naturally as you play
  • Drop the volume but still hear your drums
For silent practice with natural response and playability, choose Remo Silentstroke mesh drumheads

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