Radial Reamp HP

Radial Reamp HP

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Reamp box specifically designed for headphone outputs to feed mono guitar amps and effects pedals

The Reamp HP takes the signal from a headphone output jack on an audio interface or a mobile device and converts it to feed mono guitar amps and effects pedals for Reamping.

The Reamp HP takes a unique approach to tapping a signal for Reamping in the studio, with the goal of making the process as easy and accessible for any home studio to employ. Reamp devices are designed to convert the outputs from an audio interface to feed guitar pedals and amplifiers for re-recording, but the problem is that many smaller interfaces typically have limited output connections available. Often times this leaves you with no choice but to unplug a feed to your studio monitors in order to feed a Reamper.

Reamping made easy
The Reamp HP is designed to accept the signal from the headphone output jack on your interface, making it incredibly easy to connect on the fly without having to repatch cables or dig around behind your studio desk or equipment rack. Simply assign the track you want to Reamp to the right channel of your headphone output and you?re ready to feed guitar, bass, or even vocal tracks through your amplifier to record and experiment with new tones and settings. You can even assign stereo tracks to the Reamp HP and sum them down using the dedicated mono switch on the device.

More flexibility = more creativity
The Reamp HP features both 1/4" and 3.5mm inputs, so you aren't limited to just Reamping tracks from your audio interface. Connect a smartphone or tablet to the Reamp HP and create new sounds by combining a sound creation app with your favorite pedals and amps. The Reamp HP is equipped with an isolation transformer and a ground lift switch to eliminate hum and buzz and help produce a clean recording, along with a level control for fine-tuning the output signal.
  • Play prerecorded tracks through amps and pedals
  • Easily Reamp from any interface or playback device
  • 1/4" and 3.5mm inputs connect to a headphone output jack
  • Transformer isolated for low-noise recordings
  • Explore new creative options and improve your mixes
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