Shure PS24US Power Supply

Shure PS24US Power Supply

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The PS24US is a 12V DC in-line power supply that adheres to energy-efficient standards and features 2 built-in mounting tabs for easy installation.

The PS24US power supply covers these current models:
• PGXD4 Receiver
• BLX4 Receiver
• BVLX88 Dual-Channel Receiver
• GLXD6 (pedalboard) Receiver
• QLXD4 Receiver
• PSM300-P3T Transmitter
• UABiasT Active Antenna In-Line Power Adaptor

The PS24US power supply also covers these discontinued models:
• PG4 Receiver
• PGX4 Receiver
• SLX4L Receiver
• SLX4 Receiver
• PSM200-P2T Transmitter
• FP33 Field Mixer

Rated input: 100 - 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 150 mA maximum.
Rated output: 12 VDC, 400 mA
Leakage current: less than 30 uA
Input cable: 72 inches (1.8 meter) long; two-prong plug North American A.C. plug
Output cable: 72 inches (1.8 meter) long; DC Coax plug
DC Plug: right-angle female; non-locking; 2.1 mm inside diameter; 5.5 mm outside diameter; tip/center = positive; sleeve = negative
Dimensions of power supply plastic enclosure: 69 mm long x 53 mm wide x 28 mm thick/2.7" long x 2.1" wide x 1.1" thick; two mounting tabs are provided.

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