PRS Classic Strings, Custom Light .095 - .044

PRS Classic Strings, Custom Light .095 - .044

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For years, PRS guitars have shipped with PRS custom strings that players all over the world have loved to get their hands on. The PRS Classic Electric Guitar Strings provide a balanced and high-output tone when you plug in your guitar. Each nickel-plated plain string is drawn through high-quality dies while the bass strings' steel hex core is computer wound with a nickel wrap. This winding technique's pinpoint accuracy results in a comfortable playing tension and long-term durability.


  • Contains wound G string
  • Nickel-plated steel-wrapped strings stand up to intense playing and bending
  • Corrosion-free packaging keeps strings fresh
  • Custom Light, .0095–0.44


  • Guitar Type: Electric Guitar
  • Number of Strings: 6
  • Coated: No
  • Gauges: .0095, .0115, .016, .024, .034, .044
  • Core Material: High-carbon Hexagonal Steel
  • Winding Material: Nickel Plated Steel
  • Winding Type: Round Wound