Gotoh GE104B Bridge

Gotoh GE104B Bridge

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Most aged-looking machine heads on the market are the result of chemical treatments and polishing processes.  Unfortunately, those treatments also affect the durability and functionality of the parts.  Gotoh Relic Series parts are crafted to look aged during production.  Key internal components are not affected by this process and retain their usability and durability.  This is the advantage of being developed at the manufacturing stage

Gotoh’s ABR-1 bridge is a great replacement for those wire retainer ABR-1 Gibson bridges.  The narrower body width is compensated for by the 3 reversed saddles on the bass side for extra intonation room.  With 4 mm threaded bridge posts for those that like them to thread directly into the body.  String saddles are built in to the bridge, so no need for a retainer wire to keep them attached when you restring.  You can adjust the bridge height via the standard thumbwheel and the bridge posts are spaced 74 mm

Includes anchors & studs


  • Relic’d Aged Nickel
  • Notched hard zinc saddle
  • Height adjustable via thumbwheel
  • Integrated saddles are individually intonatable
  • Bridge mounting posts thread directly into guitar body
  • Stud spacing is 2 29/32″(74mm) and String spacing is 2 1/16″(52mm)

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