Black Lion Audio B172A
Black Lion Audio B172A
Black Lion Audio B172A

Black Lion Audio B172A

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The B172A combines Seventeen's F.E.T. circuitry with a worthy optical section. This unit combines the two separate '76 and 2A circuits into a single unit that allows you to route the signal in any order you like to be able to provide this very useful compression technique.

The AB-BA switch on the B172A allows for quick internal routing of the signal. The two compressors can also be used completely independent of each other when utilizing the 3rd position (link off) on the AB-BA switch. Each circuit also has stereo linking so a pair of B172A's can be used in stereo.

Featuring a Cinemag input transformer on the LA-2A side, BLA's own Chicago-wound output transformers on both circuits, high-grade signal path and decoupling capacitors, the B172A gives studio owners ultra convenient access to a pair of high quality dynamics processors that have stood the test of time while also providing a tool never before available in a single box.


• 1176 (BLA's Seventeen) & LA-2A style compression in a single 2U chassis
• A/B or B/A signal routing on faceplate
• Cinemag LA-2A input transformer
• Chicago-wound 1176 & LA-2A output transformers
• Custom designed Black Lion Audio T4B element, a.k.a. the "T4BLA"
• High grade signal path and power decoupling capacitors
• Linkable

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