Aquarian Texture Coated Studio-X

Aquarian Texture Coated Studio-X

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Drumheads Made for the Studio

Aquarian Studio-X drumheads have a fat, focused tone that's ideal for toms in the studio or onstage with microphones. The Studio-X series pairs a singly-ply coated head with an internal muffling ring to coax just the right amount of attack and resonance from your toms - many times without the need for additional muffling. This muffling ring tames high overtones that could potentially cloud your mixes, and it does so without deadening the natural tone of your drum. Studio-X heads also work wonders for lively, untreated rooms where low toms can turn into mud in a hurry.

Aquarian Studio-X Drumheads at a Glance:
  • Tames overtones for cleaner mixes
  • Aquarian: building innovative drumheads since 1980
Tames overtones for cleaner mixes

Drummers understand the eternal compromise: wide-open drums sound great from behind the kit. But close-miking untreated drums can amplify those complex overtones so that all you hear is ring. This isn't ideal for studio work and close-miked live applications. That's why we were pleased to hear Aquarian's Studio-X series: a line of drumheads with just the right amount of muffling to let the mic pick up your drums the way you hear them. Each single-ply, 10-mil head features a lightweight internal muffling ring to reduce unwanted overtones without deadening your drum. This results in a focused attack, purer tone, and quick decay that is guaranteed to improve your recordings and stage mixes.

Aquarian: building innovative drumheads since 1980

Roy Burns and Ron Marquez founded Aquarian Drumheads on the philosophy that the drummer is the most important person, and that the aspiring player is the future of their business. Prior to forming Aquarian Drumheads, Roy was a world-famous big band drummer, teacher, and clinician. Ron was a systems analyst and manufacturing plant manager. The combination of Roy's drumming experience and Ron's technology background has helped Aquarian Drumheads to develop numerous innovative products, as well as a unique scientific approach to manufacturing.

Aquarian Studio-X Coated Tom Drumhead Features:
  • Coated batter head - great for toms
  • Designed for close-miked applications
  • Warm, controlled tone
  • Internal muffling ring focuses attack and quickens decay
  • Cleans up stage and studio mixes without additional muffling
  • Dries out overtones for noisy rooms
  • Single-ply, 10-mil head has a familiar stick response
  • Aquarian's "bullseye" coated/black/white rings give toms a unique look
  • Sold individually - choose a size
Reclaim your toms in the mix with Aquarian Studio-X drumheads!