Vater Anthony Michelli AM 595

Vater Anthony Michelli AM 595

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Just under a 5B in size and weight. Anthony’s design principal focuses on being a versatile and all-purpose stick suitable for various types of stylistic applications while ensuring the maximum bounce and balance throughout. The acorn tip accentuates the full and complex tonal frequency range inherent in both drums and cymbals.

“The concept of this signature stick came to fruition over time as I found that slightly thinner sticks would eventually become less balanced as they would wear from usage, whereas the larger diameter ones often felt too weighty potentially maxing out sound thresholds in certain situations. As a result, we developed what sounds, feels and reacts like a refined instrument in and of itself with this unique AM 595 model.”

"Michelli is a versatile drummer who plays gigs that require many different styles and dynamics, and his stick is designed to excel in every situation, from jazz to hard-hitting pop or fusion. The acorn tip produced full, rich sounds from drums and cymbals, and the shoulder taper was beefy enough to withstand rimshots while still providing perfect rebound. The AM 595 would be the ideal choice for drummers looking for something that’s a step up from a 5A but not quite as hefty as a 5B." - Modern Drummer Magazine

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