Power-All Cable-Red

Power-All Cable-Red

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The Cable-Red/R Adapter features a right-angle Male Barrel Plug with a reverse polarity connection. It can be used to connect a pedal with tip positive polarity to a power supply with a tip-negative output polarity.

The C-R/R offers the following features:

  • 1 x Female Barrel jack to connect to Power-All or other power source (C-M/M & C-BLCable may be required to connect C-R to brick-style power supplies)
  • 1 x right-angle Male Barrel plug with reverse polarity to connect to pedals or other cables.
  • Spring-loaded male plugs to reduce chance of disconnection
  • 26-gauge Cable with oil-resistant vinyl sheath
  • 10.5" (approx. 264 mm) Cable length between plugs
  • NEW Lo-Pro„Plug design offers the smallest plug dimensions possible in order to save space on your pedalboard and to make connection to your pedals quick, easy and efficient

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