Evans UV2 Coated

Evans UV2 Coated

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Created from Two Plies of UV-cured Film

If you're tired of your coating wearing thin long before your heads wear out, we recommend the Evans UV2 series. The UV2 is made from dual plies of breakthrough 7-mil film, each layer protected by a patented UV-cured treatment, to generate a rich tone and pre-EQ'd attack from your toms. And at 14 mils total thickness, the UV2 is made tough to resist wear from flams, rimshots, and brush swirls. The UV2 also boasts Evans' Level 360 collar, which seats the head evenly along the bearing edge for better tone and tuning. If you're looking for extra longevity from your two-ply coated heads, you'll definitely want to check out the Evans UV2 series.

Evans' UV coating may be the next step in drumhead evolution

We drummers hate changing our heads. And why shouldn't we? It's time consuming, messy, and above all, stressful ® stressful to spend so much time fine-tuning and damping a head to get a sound you love, all to be undone by a dent, split, or old age. But Evans' UV coating promises to be the secret to a head that withstands the test of time. The UV-cured finish offers protection against damage, flaking, chipping, and wearing, all the while giving you longer-lasting sensitivity for brush work and buzz rolls.

Evans UV2 Coated Drumhead Features:

  • Created from two plies of treated 7-mil film (14 mils total)
  • Resists dents, splits, scratching, stretching, and wearing
  • UV-cured finish lasts longer than the leading head
  • Generates a rich tone and pre-EQ'd attack
  • Perfect for heavy hitters
  • Level 360 collar sits balanced at every point on the drum's edge for better tone and tuning

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