Dunlop Ultimate Lemon Oil

Dunlop Ultimate Lemon Oil

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Specially formulated to remove grime and return your guitar’s fretboard to its original luster, this oil also leaves an invisible sealant to protect against stains and moisture.

Directions: USE ONLY ON UN-FINISHED FRETBOARDS. Remove strings.  Shake bottle well.  Invert bottle and gently press Dab-O Matic applicator against the fretboard, dabbing it to start flow of oil.  DO NOT SQUEEZE BOTTLE. Once Lemon Oil fully penetrates applicator, continue applying oil by dabbing applicator onto entire fretboard.  Once oil has been applied to entire fretboard, use a clean cloth to work it in, cleaning and conditioning fretboard.  To finish, wipe away any excess oil.

NOTE: Not for use on maple or finished fretboards.

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